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We are a full service online marketing agency with 10 years experience in building major American brands with lead generation techniques, conversion rate optimization, content marketing and web and mobile development.

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Optimizing Your Online Presence

We specialize in assisting small, dedicated marketing teams that need the help of an external agency. Our deep knowledge of today’s breakneck digital marketing tactics helps connect our partners with the right digital tools to build their business in a way that is ROI positive, transparently effective and long term. We are looking for partners, not just clients, that we can help achieve their aggressive growth goals.


Assess various strengths and weaknesses to create a list of goals for defining success.


Enjoy first page search engine appearance on your highest converting keywords.


Develop an effective keyword strategy that is optimized to generate real revenue.


A fully realized social presence enhances your offerings and builds brand awareness.


Optimize your site architecture to enhance your customer’s experience.


Optimize your site architecture to enhance your customer’s experience.


Standout video communicates your brand clearly in a noisy digital landscape.


Create branded content to increase the number of impressions your customer gets.

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Leadership Team

A passionate team of inventive creatives who can craft great things

IMA is an award winning digital agency focused on user-driven outcomes. We strive to create meaningful connections for users through considered strategy and innovation in the digital space. Above all, we believe in beautiful design, attention to detail, interaction, experimentation, collaboration and exploration. We deliver intelligent products, engaging experiences and exceptional outcomes for incredible clients all over the world.
  • Testimonial

    Jeff Conlon

    Founder & CEO

    "I treat your business as my own."

    My goal with this agency is to help our clients grow their businesses by leveraging our team’s expertise, strategic thinking and transparent pricing approach. Ten years of evolving IMA Interactive from an online video production company to a full-service digital agency has taught me the value of being fluid and focusing on ROI. Without these two core concepts, IMA wouldn’t be where we are today. Our continued success demands that we evolve our services to stay ahead of the curve and, as a die hard early adopter, I’m psychologically predisposed to do just that. I strive to infuse creativity, joy and a strong work ethic into IMA Interactive’s DNA. When I’m not in the office, I’m either with my wonderful wife and two young sons or in the ocean.

  • Testimonial

    Jeffrey Henderson

    Director of Client Services

    "I turn clients into partners."

    Jeffrey is most happy when all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, and our clients are able to see the big picture. As an advocate for our clients, he is responsible for communicating with the team to ensure that campaigns run smoothly and that our clients are happy. As the old man of the agency who’s been working in the industry for 25 years, his experience spans the generations. He’s happy he doesn’t have to send faxes anymore, and at the end of the day, he just wants to snuggle up with his dog, Madoc, and maybe watch some trashy TV with her.

  • Testimonial

    Tori Bonzell

    Account Coordinator

    "I'm your first call in any situation."

    Your first point of contact for questions big and small, Tori thrives on helping clients navigate the ins and outs of their campaigns.  Her favorite thing is making monthly reports with all the relevant data easy to access and understand.  Call her up with any questions, challenges, or ideas; she’ll mobilize our team to bring you the results you want.  A recent transplant from Sacramento, Tori enjoys discovering the wonders of the Bay Area with her husband, Matt.

  • Testimonial

    Stuart Steene-Connolly

    Director of Digital Production

    "I make your brand come to life."

    Stu enjoys turning great design into extremely functional user experiences. He’s passionate about getting the details perfect and making partners ecstatic about their new content. With a background in sales operations, video, technology and design; he’s found his calling in breathing life into creative projects that deliver results. His popularity among co-workers is currently third after his lovely dog and amazing wife.

  • Testimonial

    Rob Horsley

    Director of Optimization

    "I turn good results into great revenue."

    I help tackle the ever changing needs of conversion strategy. I leverage your business and technical goals into actionable optimization techniques that focus on conversion, usability, web analytics, marketing, and strategy to meet partners business goals. I promise to make your return on investment with IMA Interactive my number one priority. I’m constantly hacking my own life with better food, efficient exercise, and clear mind.

  • Testimonial

    Scott McLin

    Paid Search Specialist

    "I make you a Google superstar."

    I am responsible for leading and managing a team of paid search consultants that optimize your marketing dollars to deliver the most leads possible. I lead the development of strong search terms and presentation of client recommendations. I help optimize campaigns by focusing your budget on your most effective search terms to build immediate revenue growth. When not in the office, you’ll find me perfecting my bullseye aiming at the local darts league.

  • Testimonial

    Taysir El-Abed

    Director of SEO

    "I am the growth hacker expert."

    Taysir loves spending time on increasing your website’s online presence by focusing on research, analysis, optimization and measurement. He is only happy when traffic growth is a triple digit number. When he is not analyzing graphs, researching keywords or building links he likes to root for his favorite soccer team A.S.Monaco and enjoys traveling. 

  • Testimonial

    Amanda Wall

    Director of Content and Social Media

    "I build your brand's reputation."

    I develop deep networks of content that build credibility and brand awareness.  Through social media, blogs, email campaigns, and websites, I help give your brand and company a persuasive voice to attract new customers. I hold a Ph.D. in English, specializing in digital rhetoric and content marketing.

  • Testimonial

    Karen Tara

    Head Copywriter

    "I give your business a voice."

    I help increase your online presence by creating engaging content. When not writing blogs, posting to social media, or writing web copy, you can usually find Karen sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

  • Testimonial

    Jacob Severson

    Sales Manager

    "Committed to making your business grow. "

    I reach out to potential clients and see if their company would be a good fit for IMA Interactive. Through that process, I focus on educating our partners about the constantly evolving world of online marketing. My goal is to make every potential client I come across feel as comfortable as possible in regards to understanding what IMA Interactive can do for their business. I’m born and raised in California and actively pursue my goal of becoming the fittest human being in the state.

  • Testimonial

    Wells Yu

    SEO Specialist

    "I drive traffic to your website."

    Wells enjoys tackling the challenge of driving online traffic to websites. Wells was brought into the field of marketing from his passions in consumer research, branding, and storytelling. He spends most of his days at IMA trying to hammer out the kinks to optimize not only your website, but your entire web presence. When Wells is not hard at work doing SEO, he is optimizing his fantasy baseball team and trying to achieve number one rankings in his fantasy baseball league.

  • Testimonial

    IMA doubled my PPC leads and reduced the cost per lead to $40.

    Steve Dohner, Owner, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Dayton, OH

    I had worked with ReachLocal before finding IMA Interactive. They doubled my PPC leads and reduced the cost per lead to $40. I always know where my leads are coming from. IMA is proactive in generating new lead sources and finding ways to maximize my marketing budget. They truly understand the Clockwork business model and I'm glad I made the switch.

  • We are very happy with what IMA has been doing for Fluid Film.

    Gen Hess, Owner, Fluid Film

    IMA Interactive’s team of Social Media experts greatly improved upon Fluid Film’s previous strategy and the results far exceeded what our internal team was able to produce. We are very happy with what IMA has been doing for Fluid Film.

  • I highly recommend them!

    Kellie Macway, Sales & Marketing, Napa & Sonoma Valley Bike Tours

    IMA has been a great video production partner over the years and I’ve had the pleasure of working with them on multiple projects. They bring a level of creativity and professionalism to each video that cannot be surpassed. I highly recommend them!

  • Testimonial

    IMA is honest, collaborative and the results speak for themselves

    Sally Wassink, VP Marketing, Coit Services

    Coit was looking for a digital agency to create a national strategy for both our corporate locations and our franchise network. We chose to work with IMA Interactive and it has been a great relationship. IMA is honest and collaborative and the results speak for themselves. SEO results have increased 300%, our Pay Per Click cost per lead has decreased by more than 50%, we have a national Social Media campaign for our franchises and a new website optimized for conversions and mobile traffic.

  • Testimonial

    IMA has helped us quickly adapt to those changes in consumer behavior by using PPC, SEO, Social Media and Video to help us stay ahead of our competition

    Tom Papageorge, CEO/President, Atherton Appliances

    We have been working with IMA Interactive since 2005. A lot has changed since then but IMA has been able to stay ahead of the digital advertising curve. Our local customers have steadily moved online and IMA has helped us quickly adapt to those changes in consumer behavior by using PPC, SEO, Social Media and Video to help us stay ahead our competition. They are joy to work with and committed to excellent customer service.

  • Testimonial

    I’m definitely happy I made the switch to IMA Interactive.

    Dan Gagne, Owner, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing - San Francisco

    My organic traffic has increased 78% in just six months since I moved my SEO campaign to IMA Interactive. In addition, my calls from SEO are up 19%. Even my conversion rate on organic calls is up. I’m definitely happy I made the switch to IMA Interactive.

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