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Second, we want you to understand how we are growing your business. There is a better way to grow your business through online advertising. There is a better way to manage the client-agency relationship. There is a better way to see results. There is a Process. IMA is an online marketing and advertising agency in San Francisco that is 100% focused on growing the bottom line for our clients while providing a unique Process that educates, updates and collaborates. This is a relationship.

We are human beings, after all. Let’s drop the marketing-speak and simply talk to each other. You’ll tell us your business goals. We’ll tell you how we can help you achieve those goals through our services. We’ll agree on a plan and each step of the way we’ll tell you what’s happening, why it’s happening and how it is getting us closer to our, now collective, goal. When we reach the goal we’ll meet or have a phone call, share a quick “nice job”, and then get back to work on the next goal. If we all get along, we’ll do this for years.

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IMA Interactive has managed our online advertising for nearly 6 years. They’ve designed and SEO optimized our website, managed our PPC campaigns and have assisted with innumerable other marketing  projects over the years. The staff have always been professional and proactive and I recommend them without hesitation.
Coit was looking for a digital agency to create a national strategy for both our corporate locations and our franchise network. We chose to work with IMA Interactive and it has been a great relationship. IMA is honest and collaborative and the results speak for themselves. SEO results have increased 300%, our Pay Per Click cost per lead has decreased by more than 50%, we have a national Social Media campaign for our franchises and a new website optimized for conversions and mobile traffic.
We have been working with IMA Interactive since 2005. A lot has changed since then but IMA has been able to stay ahead of the digital advertising curve. Our local customers have steadily moved online and IMA has helped us quickly adapt to those changes in consumer behavior by using PPC, SEO, Social Media and Video to help us stay ahead our competition. They are joy to work with and committed to excellent customer service.