How to Maximize Your Facebook Business Page

So you have a Facebook Page and you have fans. You are posting great content. You already know how to optimize your posts, you are likeable and useful for your fans at the same time. You already mastered the most important basics of Facebook Marketing. Congratulations – this is the beginning of wonderful things for your brand and your business.

Let us now show you how you can make your Facebook more functional and more attractive so that you could be as successful as possible with your Facebook marketing efforts.

1. Pick a great profile picture and cover image.

The profile picture, this little square, appears next to your posts in Facebook users’ newsfeeds, so it should be unique to you and easily recognizable as your business. Your logo is the best choice in most cases. The cover image, the big rectangular picture behind your profile picture is a great tool to say more about your business. You can feature your products here, display your logo more prominently, or share testimonials. Don’t miss this great opportunity to advertise your business on this free banner.

Be careful, though. Don’t put any call to actions on the cover image and don’t encourage people to like your page here. To make sure you are not in the wrong that could cause Facebook to shut your page down, read the guidelines about what cannot be displayed on your cover image.

You can find the exact sizes for all the images you need for your FB page here. Looking sharp is not only attractive, it also makes a good impression. Use this cheet sheet to avoid distorted pictures and bad resolutions. Don’t be a hobo on your Facebook Page.

2. Get a vanity URL

Once your page has 25 fans, you can claim your vanity URL or as Facebook calls it, your username. This means that instead of a URL that looks like this:, you could have a URL like this: Which does not only look better, but it is also much easier to display on your business cards and all your printed promotional materials or in your email signature.

3. Highlight and pin your posts

If you hover above the top right hand corner of each post you’ll see this:


If you click the star icon, the post will assume the width of your timeline  - this is what highlighting means. If you have something especially important to share, this is a great way to get people’s attention. If you click the pencil icon, you can pin the post to the top of your timeline where it can stay for up to a week. If you are running a promotion or announcing an upcoming event this is the best way to ensure people visiting your page are not going to miss it.

4. Put your milestones on your Timeline

This is one of my favorite features on the Timeline, it reminds me of the opening theme of “The Persuaders!”. You can introduce yourself the coolest way possible by showing off the most important milestones in your business’ life paired with pictures. It’s like a resume for businesses, which is pretty awesome.

5. Make the most of the app bar

Are you using apps (previously known as tabs)? You should! There are numerous third party applications that provide apps for free, where you can promote your blog, your Twitter feed, your contests, your YouTube videos in a fashionable manner. As small as these boxes are, as powerful they can be. Check out great examples of what you can do for your business with them here.

This is what the app bar looks like:

The Photos app cannot be manipulated, but all the other apps can be added and switched around. The most important part is the thumbnail design because if it’s well done it can lure your fans to the content behind it. What you need to focus on is a clean and eye-catching design, and since this is a small space you really don’t want to squeeze a lot of stuff on it. Check out great examples of how other small businesses utilize app thumbnails.

6. Make sure that your posts are grammatically correct.

In order to make a good impression on people, use good English. Use a spell checker before you post and proofread everything to make sure what you are saying makes sense.

But what happens when you proofread your post three times, clicked the “Post” button, and somehow now there is a sneaky typo there? Embarrassing, right? There is a way to make it go away – here comes a handy tip:

First of all, always make sure that you are posting a photo with your post, because that’s the only way this trick works. Coincidentally, this will also boost your post’s reach. What you need to do is simply go to your timeline and click on the photo. Next to the now enlarged photo there is an “Edit” button. Click it and your text becomes immediately editable. Click “Done Editing” and no more typos!


Now you know everything there is to know about having an awesome business page until Facebook changes them again. So get down to work, share great content, engage your fans, and let us know how you are doing.


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