Are You a Small Business Owner? Get a Mobile Website. Here is Why.

First of all here are some facts about how mobile phones are changing the way we use the internet today:

  • Mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage by 2014. (Source

  • In 2011, more people bought a smartphone than a PC. (Source

  • 1.08 billion mobile phones are smartphones. (Source)

  • 7.96% of all web traffic in the U.S. is mobile traffic. (Source)

  • Half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices. (Source

  • 46% of consumers are unlikely to return to a mobile site if it didn’t work properly during their last visit. (Source

  • 24% of US tablet owners use their tablets to shop 2-3 times per month; 20% use them to shop more than once per week; and 12% use them to shop every day. (Source

  • 42% of mobile internet users earn over $80,000 a year, and spend more on their mobile devices and mobile activities. (Source

  • 61% of customers who visit a site that isn’t mobile friendly are likely to visit a competitor’s site. (Source)

  • Groupon is projected to get half its business from mobile by 2013. (Source

  • 51% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from retailers with a mobile-specific website; however, only 4.8% of retailers have one. (Source

  • 84% of U.S. small businesses using mobile marketing see increase in new business activity. (Source)

You probably don’t need any explanation on why it is crucial for your business to have a functioning mobile website once you look at these data. Ignoring the importance of the above is going to start affecting your bottom line very soon, especially if you are a retailer. This phenomenon is called Digital Darwinism and it has already left a couple of dead brands behind.

But fear not, because what these data are also telling us is that there is a huge competitive advantage for those who are willing to move fast. Only 4.8% of all retailers own a mobile-specific website, and that is a very small number. This means that this is your chance to get out there and steal all the business from those who are too slow to realize what the widespread use of smartphones and tablets means for their business.

Also remember, that a mobile-friendly website does not equal a miniature version of your desktop website. You need to create good user experience on a much smaller device, with fewer features and scant graphic elements. You need a fast loading website that is optimized for touch screen, very easy to use and efficient.

If we managed to get you excited about the possibilities a mobile version of your website can offer, here are a number of studies that will help you get all the information you need:

Leo Burnett’s study, Marketing to the Mobile Shopper 

Microsoft Tag’s 2011 Mobile Statistics, Stats, Facts’s survey, 84% of U.S. Small Businesses Using Mobile Marketing See Increase in New Business Activity

Google Data, The 20 Things Users Want Most From Your Mobile Site 

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